Synthetical Immersion

2019, multimedia installation



Synthetical Immersion is an experience situated in a world of virtual reality.A journey. The presented space was generated on the basis of processing the scanned real locations that I visit regularly.This world is the author's personal cartography, permeated with the afterimage of authentic memories.It is also a tribute to the nature, irregularity and uniqueness of the form and its constant cycles and changes.Synthetic immersion is an unstable and dangerous world but simultaneously captivating with its beauty.Presented works herald danger.This is the specter of upcoming changes that must be faced.This is the specter of an inevitable beautiful disaster.Extreme atmospheric phenomenon viewed from a safe distance.Aesthetic anomaly.However, first of all, it is a tribute to a human.The space is very subjective, aimed at potential possibilities of individual experiences, changes, and illuminations.It is a place, in which the consciousness of real existence, as well as physical being, should disappear when in the face of diffuse reality we are overcome with vibrating energy flow.This flow wants to release the extreme gamut of feelings.Starting from the anxiety through uncontrollable curiosity, explorer’s desire, ending up with nostalgia and admiration.It is a hermetic space created for the user who has a chance to reflect personal dilemmas subconsciously.Without any context of daily life, we can focus on conscious experiencing the present at the same time forgetting the past and the future.

It is traveling through space, a walk, a stroll, a kind of virtual wandering, the experience which is both an aesthetic and a philosophical act.It is a place of contemplation that encourages the user to focus deeply, exposing him to the effect of the audiovisual stream.

Synthetic immersion is a multimedia installation consists of Vr environment(Wanderlust VR) which depending on the available space could be extended with two additional projection one real object.



M A R C I N  P A Z E R A


- Unity3d for VR interactive environment;

- Maxon Cinema 4d for animation, modelling, texturing and rendering;

 -Agisoft Photoscan for photogrammetry;

- DaVinvi Resolve for postproduction;



- Htc Vive;

- two projectors;

 -one pair of sound speakers;