Into the now

2018, experimental animation 3d, 3 min 20 s, Full HD 1920x1080


This work refers to the mundane aspects of existence in the present moment. Those aspects appeal to nature and makes us focus on the conscious experience of the present as a state beyond the past and a future . The work encourages us to celebrate the current moment by dismissing an uninterrupted stream of thoughts. This whirlwind of thoughts distorts the possibility of perception with its buzz. In times when everything is for “immediate use”, we do not see what is actually happening at the moment. The work is intended to introduce the viewer into a state of contemplation, exposing us to an audio-visual stream.

Animation designed for single or two channel projection in the corner of the room.



M A R C I N  P A Z E R A


- Maxon Cinema 4d for animation, modelling, texturing and rendering;

- Skanect for 3d scanning with Microsoft Kinect camera;

 -Agisoft Photoscan for photogrammetry;

- Adobe After Effect for postproduction;



- two projectors;

- video source(player, computer, tablet);

 -one pair of sound speakers;