Artifacts v002

2017, interactive 3d animations, FullHd 1920x1080 px

Absolute v002, Seducer I, v002 Seducer II v002, Intrower v002




Absolute, animation 3d, 5 min 20 s, Hd 1280x720 px

Seducer I, animation 3d, 2 min 53 s, Hd 1280x720 px

Seducer II, animation 3d, 3 min 03 s, Hd 1280x720 px

Intrower, animation 3d, 3 min 55 s, Hd 1280x720 px


„Artifacts v002” are independent entities created using 3d animation and programming language. They are sensitive to the viewer presence. The way they interact defines both their and the viewer's individual features. Man and the digital being are connected with a special bond, possibly even intimate.


Video- Grzegorz Mart

Montage - Marcin Pazera

Music and Sound - Marcin Pazera, Maciej Pazera


M A R C I N  P A Z E R A

Technical details:



All animations were created in the Maxon Cinema4d application. Microsoft Kinect sensor provides input data by detecting presence and position of the viewer. The script programmed in Touch Designer processes Kinect data in realtime which in turn causes images to evolve.



Each of interactive animation requires a computer, Microsoft kinect camera, projector and a pair of sound speakers. With the exception of Absolute_v002 animation which is not interactive. All animations could be played together in the same or in separate rooms, It is also possible to launch only part of the projection (one or two or three) but for the best experience it is strongly recommended to show at least two animation Seducer_v002 and Seducer_II_v002 simultaneously in the same room by placing projection in the corner of the room or on two opposite walls. The whole project needs:

  • three Microsoft Kinect cameras;

  • at least two PC Computer with Touchdesiger installed onto;

  • Four projectors(one with option to play video file form USB stick);

  • at least three pairs of sound speakers;